Please note: Due date for submitting proposals ended on February 5, 2018.


The theme of ICCPR 2018 is The Cultural Governance of Global Flows: Past and Future.

This theme refers to the emergence of complex global flows that present contemporary societies with novel challenges and have high relevance for shaping but also understanding cultural policy in the making worldwide. These include forced as well as unforced migrations; new global divisions in cultural labour; cultural tourism; novel forms of content distribution; emergent international networks and platforms enabling cultural exchange; global trade with (big) data on cultural practices; and attempts of reimagining and re-evaluating shared values, to name some. The conference expects to address not only the present situation and future strategies but invites investigations into the archaeologies and histories of contemporary flows and into past ways of addressing related challenges with cultural policies in different regions of the world. It puts a special emphasis on the experiences in Eastern Europe and other transitional societies.


ICCPR 2018 invites participants to present papers from across the entire spectrum of cultural policy studies. This includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • Cultural policy and globalisation
  • Cultural policies of migration, identities and acculturation
  • Cultural policy, religion and secularism
  • Cultural policy and global governance of networks and platforms
  • Global governance of cultural content, service and labour flows
  • Management and global governance of cultural data
  • Politics of culture and cultural policies in multiple modernities
  • Cultural policies and global inequalities
  • Governance of cultural diversity
  • Cultural sustainability policies
  • Culture in environmental policy
  • Intellectuals and cultural policy
  • Cultural policy and values
  • Historiographies of cultural policy
  • Implicit cultural policy
  • Comparative cultural policy
  • Arts education policy
  • Cultural policy and cultural industries
  • Artist policy
  • Creativity and the city
  • Cultural policy and development policy
  • Cultural policy as welfare policy
  • Culture and economy
  • Cultural policy and innovation systems
  • Cultural policy, cultural diplomacy and international relations

Proposal formats

Three different formats can be proposed:

  • single papers
  • panel proposals
  • roundtables

Guidelines for proposals

Single papers

The proposal must not exceed 500 words (excluding the reference list) and should include the following:

  1. Research questions that the paper will address
  2. Methodological approach
  3. Results
  4. Description of what is original about the research

Panel proposals

Panels should involve between three and five speakers (we recommend four). The proposal must not exceed 1000 words (excluding the reference list) and should include the descriptions of the core idea for the panel as well as short descriptions of all included papers (please aim to follow the guidelines for single papers above).

Roundtable proposals

The proposal must not exceed 750 words (excluding the reference list) and should include the description of the core idea and concern for the roundtable, the justifications for all people involved (up to six discussants), as well as the main sub-themes to be discussed.

All submissions must be in English and will be peer-reviewed.